Next To Neon – Looking At You | New Music


Next To Neon is the latest project from Rasmus Viberg – a Swedish artist who has been a member of various bands for his entire career, including indie Hurricane Love and 6-piece Moment. “It feels amazing,” says the singer about releasing his first ever solo music – the 80’s-inspired synth-pop track “Looking At You“.


The single is full of glittering synthesizer sounds, sprinkled over a light and pleasant melodies. What first seems like a casual club-ready pop tune, suddenly bursts into unexpected falsetto-driven chorus. It’s perfectly clear why Rasmus’ vocals was in such high demand among bands in Sweden.


Next To Neon project is certainly something different exciting for the singer. Let’s keep an eye on him, since this debut single is only the beginning of the project. Listen to “Looking At You” below:




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