Nicki Minaj – Hard White | Music Video


Nicki Minaj just released her new music video for “Hard White”, which featured on her album Queen and released in August 2018. While we know the song, the video has been long anticipated.


As for the rest of the album, she has released music videos for “Bed” featuring Ariana Grande, “Barbie Dreams”, “Good Form” and more.


According to Pitchfork, “next month, Nicki embarks on the European leg of her Queen tour with Juice WRLD. He replaced Future, who was also originally billed to join Nicki on the tour’s now-canceled North American leg. She said the dates would be rescheduled for May 2019. Nicki is slated to voice act in the upcoming animated film Angry Birds Movie 2”.


The visuals of the video portray a darkness – perhaps her past – as she reflects on her bad times, having to work stressful underpaid jobs. In her MTV documentary she had this to say:


“When I was a waitress, I was on my motherf**king feet for twelve hours a day, and we had 15 minutes [for lunch]. We had to steal bread and eat that because, on a busy day, you can’t stop to eat. You can’t stop”.


But the video is shot with luminescent light, emulating her wealth to convey that hard work pays off in the end.


Check the video out below:




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