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Nico Yaryan


Today (October 1), LA based musician Nico Yaryan shared his new single “Just Tell Me” which is being released via Partisan Records. The track is available digitally from today and is receiving a 7″ inch release on December 11. Nico is also set to release his debut album What A Tease in early 2016.


According to the Partisan Records’ website, Nico has been on a long musical journey that started with him trying to recreate the beats he heard J Dilla and DJ Premier churning out. He was then taken on as the tour drummer in Hanni El Khatib’s band, a position he held for the best part of two years and which allowed him to learn to play the guitar. After this, Nico got a job at a weed farm in LA, at the same time maintaining an intercontinental relationship with a girl he had met in Amsterdam whilst on tour with El Khatib. During this period he started writing songs about the long distance relationship he was managing to keep alive; forming the material that is now the content of his debut album.


“Just Tell Me” is a sneak peak into how What A Tease is going to sound. Nico said of the new track that “I wrote this song when I was feeling strain in my long distance relationship, and I knew it had been too long between visits. I didn’t have the money to book a trip to Amsterdam where my girlfriend lived, and I was feeling selfish that I had chosen to live in LA to pursue my music. It takes a lot of work to maintain a relationship when someone lives on the other side of the planet, and I wasn’t being good about making our Skype dates on time, or being as present as I could have been. So this song is a sort of plea to her.


Listen to Nico sing about seeing a good thing start to go down the drain on “Just Tell Me” below.




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