Show Runner Al Jean Hints Possible Ending For ‘The Simpsons’ | TV News



Maybe, like all of us, you thought the day would never come, but it seems that ‘The Simpsons’ may, one day, come to an end. According to show runner, Al Jean, the classic animated show could call it quits at 30 seasons. Already renewed for its 28th, the show is on its 27th season and it seems that Jean is surprised our beloved characters have even lasted so long. When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jean made it clear that he would not be surprised if the show stopped at 28 seasons, but 30 could quite possibly be the limit.


When asked of how the show could reach its dreaded close, Jean revealed that he would want it to be a fulfilling end for viewers. After speaking of making references to the very first episode in order to reach a full loop between beginning and end, Jean did emphasise that no final decision or approval had been made, as this was all based on his sole opinion as show runner.


Opinion or not, talk of the end is just taboo when it comes to everyone’s favourite family. Who will eat all the donuts? Whilst it’s difficult to say goodbye, one resounding fact is that if The Simpsons are to definitely leave us, they will very surely be missed.



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