Nigerian Afrosoul And R&B Artist WurlD Returns With ‘Don’t Get Used To This’ EP

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and aesthetic innovator WurlD has released his latest project, Don’t Get Used To This, under WeAreGvds/Addictive Content, showcasing his evolution in the realms of afrosoul and R&B. This EP is a testament to WurlD’s unique ability to blend afrobeats with R&B, creating a globally appealing sound.

Don’t Get Used To This, WurlD’s fifth release in five years, follows his critically acclaimed 2022 album, My World With U. The EP is a product of WurlD’s recent return to his hometown Lagos, Nigeria, after over a decade in the United States. It spotlights his crisp melodies and powerful hooks across tracks like “Do It” and the reggaeton-influenced “Sare,” all without any guest features.

The EP’s focus track, “Shake,” premiered on The Dotty Show on Apple Music. Produced by Anne “Ketta” Telstra and Moussa, the track is a blend of South African amapiano, afrobeats drum patterns, and deep/downtempo house horn samples, offering a lush backdrop to WurlD’s vocals.

WurlD describes Don’t Get Used To This as a love project, emphasizing the importance of living in the present and embracing current emotions without the burden of past or future. The EP is a journey through love and intimacy, set to a backdrop of enchanting melodies.

Addictive Content, the new imprint co-created by WurlD and his brother, fashion designer Muktar Onifade, aims to showcase African talent and future sounds. WurlD co-produced each track alongside emerging producers from the label, except for “Location,” produced by renowned Nigerian producer Sarz.

Sadiq Onifade, known as WurlD, began his career in Atlanta as a songwriter for several notable artists. Since his afrobeats debut in 2016 with “Show You Off,” WurlD has continually evolved, gaining recognition for his distinct sound and releases, including the collaborative EP with Sarz, I Love Girls with Trobul.

WurlD’s new EP is a journey through his artistic and personal growth, marking him as a significant force in the afrobeats and global music scene. Listen to the Don’t Get Used To This EP here below!


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