JD Sports ‘Forever Forward’ Christmas Campaign Pays Tribute To Youth Culture And Iconic JD Duffle

JD, the leading retailer in youth fashion and sportswear, has launched its 2023 Christmas campaign, ‘Forever Forward‘, celebrating over 25 years of the iconic JD duffle bag. The campaign embodies creativity, resilience, and passion, aiming to inspire and empower the next generation.

At the heart of ‘Forever Forward’ is the JD duffle bag, a symbol of the brand’s enduring presence in British youth culture. The campaign highlights the bag’s journey alongside young individuals, serving as a reminder of limitless possibilities and the resilience it has powered. From first school days to memorable moments with friends, the JD duffle has been a constant companion, evolving in design yet remaining a functional and durable accessory.

The campaign film, titled ‘The Bag For Life’, is set to the classic ‘Sweet Harmony’ by Liquid. It serves as a dynamic homage to culture, the people shaping it, and the bag carrying it forward. The film features real-life scenarios of JD consumers, showcasing the duffle’s presence in their lives. It stars fourteen influential figures from various spheres, including sports, entertainment, and music, who have shaped today’s cultural landscape.

The campaign spotlights rapper Central Cee, dancer Sturdy Off, musicians Davido, Ronisia, and Ella Toone, among others. The narrative unfolds through various scenes – from Central Cee in a JD store to Kano celebrating with his family at a Christmas feast, emphasizing authenticity and realism.

JD’s EU Marketing Director, Chris Waters, highlights JD’s role in propelling youth culture forward and the brand’s commitment to empowering the next generation. ‘Forever Forward’ is not just a celebration of the JD duffle’s 25th anniversary but also a recognition of young individuals’ power to shape the world.

Launching in JD stores and online, the ‘Forever Forward’ campaign offers sports fashion essentials for Christmas. The JD duffle will be featured in digital and in-store experiences, inviting consumers to engage with the brand’s legacy.

The JD Christmas campaign, directed by Amara Abbas and written by Uncommon Creative Studio, premiered on November 10th, with exclusive product drops available at jdsports.co.uk and JD stores across the UK.

Watch the campaign video below!


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