‘No Genre’ Artist High Nelson Releases Brand New Single ‘Cycle’

Songwriter, lyricist and performer High Nelson releases a brand new song titled “Cycle”. The name comes from the “Cycle” that exists in relationships and our encounters and responses with it. The artist comes up with this single where he shares his opinion in heterosexual relationships.

“As men we often times do our thing and cannot fathom our lady returning the favour”, he shares. For an easy translation, he claims that if he cheats, you should cheat too.

This song is an ambitious olive branch that he uses to reassure women of their beauty and about them deserving the “right” treatment. It’s a reminder to men that there’s always someone willing to support the needs of a woman they’ve mistreated.

The artist combines trap, reggae, R&B and hints of house music into his creations, being the reason why his music is labelled as “No Genre”. He is one of those people who are always in his head, trying to figure himself out as his life. It was his cousin and life long friend “Perkz” that told him that since he’s always so deep in thought like a high priest or a monk, that he should be called High Nelson. And so he got his name.

Listening to his music, his West Indian influence is evident in his hip hop sound. The way he was raised by his family and the way he learned to survive outside his household on the Bronx are concepts in his music. For him, his music is therapeutic and his lyrics are his musical journal.

Thoughts that got turned into soundtracks, utilising his experiences to create his own music, he’s a promising talent and has the potential to influence the discussions in mainstream music.

Listen to “Cycle” here:


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