‘No Time To Die’ Delayed Until November Due To Coronavirus | Film News


The coronavirus has claimed its first movie. MGM, Universal, and Eon Productions have collectively decided to delay the latest James Bond entry, No Time To Die, due to growing fears over the virus. Originally intended for an April release, the film has now been pushed back to Friday, November 25.


Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t a move made with public safety in mind. The studios are moving the film from April because their profits could be drastically altered if potential patrons are afraid to leave their homes due to the virus. If people are stuck inside – whether due to their own volition or because of government suggestion – No Time To Die will make a lot less money.


Thus, the studios are hoping that the virus has been mostly curtailed by November and that audiences will still flock to see what’s probably Daniel Craig‘s final outing as 007. The new release is a prime Thanksgiving holiday window in the US, but months of prepping press tours and marketing will have to be drastically altered.


Don’t expect this to be the last delay to a major film because of the virus. Other studios are also going to be wary of losing money on what would usually be surefire box office hits. It will be interesting to track films like Marvel’s Eternals and Wonder Woman 1984 – prime summer blockbusters – and see whether those studios also decide on a delay.


Of course, it isn’t as easy as saying “our film now comes out 6 months later”. Major blockbusters usually plant their flag in the ground on a certain release date years in advance, strategically placed away from other potential competitive films. So there may be a race to find a new spot later in the year before another delayed blockbuster snags it.


We’ll wait and see what happens. This could turn into one of the strangest movie years in recent memory. Trolls World Tour has now been moved up a week to replace No Time To Die, in an attempt for Universal to remain competitive over Easter weekend.



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