North Carolina Artist Desmon Myers Releases New Single ‘Shadows’

Songwriter and vocalist Desmon Myers prepares to reveal his long-awaited debut album, Shadowdancer soon. Lyrically impassioned and sonically inviting, the album is set to be released alongside the visuals to the lead single “Shadows” directed by David Nobles.

This final single acts as the centrepiece and the glue that ties the whole album together by providing context behind the deeper meaning of the overall project. Desmond Myers’ prior songs seemed like he was letting everyone into his closet, and “Shadows” is the great culmination of that character development.

Where songs like “Playing with Fire”, which earned Desmond his first million streams, felt like he was taking us on a journey through his battle with temptation, and “Real Man”, which was a bitingly honest critique of the insidious masculinity he inherited from his upbringing, “Shadows” is the final thrilling chapter on this journey of self-discovery.

According to Desmond, “‘Shadows’ is a song I wrote after being frustrated with overthinking. I can be a very cerebral person at times and I wanted to make a song that got me out of my own head.

I had been making a lot of mid-tempo music about things that were very personal to me and I just wanted to make something to shake those feelings off to. It ended up being just as vulnerable of an experience as those other songs. It was like treating myself through song, which is its own unique kind of vulnerability”.

Listen to the single below:


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