Norwegian Artist Paria Unveils New Single ‘Follow Me’

Norwegian singer-songwriter Paria is back with a bang, unveiling her latest single “Follow Me” in collaboration with UK rapper Noaah. The track, part of her much-awaited debut album Love Don’t Come Easy, brings a fresh blend of R&B and UK Drill to the music scene.

Hailing from Tabriz, Iran, Paria’s journey to musical stardom has been nothing short of remarkable. Growing up in the cold city up north, she found solace in music, especially R&B and hip-hop from the 2000s. After relocating to Turkey and later settling in Oslo, Norway, Paria’s passion for music only grew stronger.

“Follow Me” showcases Paria’s soul-stirring vocals against NOOAH’s authentic UK Drill verse, creating a unique fusion of sounds. The song seamlessly marries emotive R&B tones with the gritty energy of UK Drill, marking a bold exploration into uncharted musical territory.

In Paria’s own words, “Music has always been my way of expressing myself and connecting with others.” Her music, influenced by her diverse upbringing, resonates with audiences from all walks of life. As she puts it, “I want to create music that speaks to universal feelings and experiences.”

With “Follow Me,” Paria continues to push boundaries and defy genre norms. The track is a testament to her artistry and vision, reflecting her commitment to creating honest and relatable music. As she delves into the exploration of her passion, Paria’s music remains timeless, enriched by her varied life experiences.

Fans can expect more captivating tunes from Paria as she gears up for the release of her debut album. With her refreshing sound and genuine storytelling, Paria is set to make a lasting impression on the music scene. So, don’t miss out on “Follow Me” and join Paria on her musical journey.

In the words of Paria herself, “Music has the power to bring people together, and that’s what I aim to do with my songs.” With “Follow Me,” she invites listeners to join her on this musical adventure, promising an experience like no other.

Listen to “Follow Me” below!


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