Bea Stewart Shares New Single ‘Jake From Minnesota’


Singer-songwriter Bea Stewart is back with her latest single “Jake From Minnesota,” a refreshing addition to her repertoire. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Bea’s folk-pop fusion captivates listeners with its raw honesty.

The track, featured on her EP Sorry I’m So Sensitive, showcases Bea’s knack for storytelling, drawing audiences into her world. With gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “Jake From Minnesota” offers a glimpse into a memorable encounter.

Bea shares, “Playing it live feels special. I wanted to bottle up the feeling in the room at a gig.” Her desire to preserve the live experience shines through in the production.

Produced by Oskar Winberg, known for his work with artists like Ward Thomas, the song maintains its intimate charm. Bea remarks, “Oskar has done a beautiful job in producing it just like that.”

Reflecting on her journey, Bea describes the EP as “a summary of the first half of my 20s.” Each track serves as a testament to her growth and resilience, embodying the essence of self-discovery.

Despite being her second EP, Bea has already garnered support from BBC Radio 1 and various publications. Her authenticity resonates with audiences, evident in sold-out shows and multiple features on Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Bea’s upbringing in Northern Ireland influences her songwriting, infusing her music with genuine emotion. Her goal? To help listeners navigate life’s complexities through her relatable narratives.

I hope hearing my messy thoughts around life will help you process yours,” Bea shares. Her vulnerability and sincerity create a connection that transcends mere entertainment.

As Bea prepares to embark on her headline tour, “Jake From Minnesota” stands as a highlight. It’s a song that invites listeners to join her on a journey, where every chord and lyric resonates with shared experiences.

So, mark your calendars for Bea Stewart’s tour, starting on May 13th in Manchester. And in the meantime, let “Jake From Minnesota” be the soundtrack to your own story.

Listen to “Jake From Minnesota” below!


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