Norwegian Pop Artist Moyka Unveils New ‘Backwards’ Single And Video | Music News


After the release of her single “Spaces”, critically acclaimed, Norwegian pop star Moyka, real name Monika Engeseth, has unveiled her new single “Backwards” on May 1, along with a video! It is taken from her upcoming EP Spaces, whose theme will be love and its loss.


Her first EP Circles, released in 2019, placed her as an original artist, with deep and reflective music. She wanted, through this EP, “to create a mystical universe where people could feel at home”. The songs were co-written and co-produced with Eirik Hella.


Her robust pop music based on synthesizers is much appreciated and has earned her a lot of good reviews. Popjustice described her single “Spaces” as “the lead track to the best EP I’ve heard in a very long time”. The blog also said about Moyka: “The best popstar is currently Moyka and that’s that”.


Her latest single “Backwards” was written in a Berlin hotel room. It’s about when you’re struggling to get better and move on to other things, and all those things you encounter that can make you feel bad again. The video shows the artist singing with an orange background. If you haven’t heard this song yet, then don’t wait any longer!


Watch the video for “Backwards” here:




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