Nova Scotia Singer Sunsetto Unveils Emotional New Single ‘Don’t Leave’ | Music News


Nova Scotia native Sunsetto, also known as Kyle, has just released a brand new soft and emotional single titled “Don’t Leave”. The song is all about a relationship and how life can challenge you and your loved one during your story.


This track is a 90’s R&B melody with a modern twist to give a bit more of a dramatic vibe. Sunsetto’s mesmerizing voice slides on the track, going to a more high pitch sound for the chorus and then to a lower one for the rap/hip-hop verse, which brings dimension to the song. We can hear that he has talent.


Regards the lyrics, here Sunsetto goes on about a seemingly toxic relationship, how it is destructive and leads to you questioning your attitude and beliefs. The song also tackles how someone can get you under their influence with alcohol. With this melodrama vibe, the lyrics go perfectly and make you think twice about your choices.


Sunsetto is the music project of 25-year old Nova Scotia artist Kyle. Since 2013, Sunsetto has been writing, recording, and producing music, and his ethereal sounds is influenced by Post Malone, Tame Impala, and Dominic Fike.


“Don’t Leave” is his debut single and is the first song of a melodrama that explores deep themes of alcoholism, adultery, and lust. His melodic sensibilities are combined with 90s R&B influences, modern synths, and samples. This track is the first of four upcoming singles leading into an EP project, releasing this summer.


Listen to “Don’t Leave” here:



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