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New York electro-pop singer, songwriter and composer Noy Markel has just released her latest single “Someday”, on April 24! This artist, who makes modern pop sounds, wants to open the minds of her listeners through the music, the experience she herself has lived. Through her euphoric sounds, she takes the listener on a journey into himself.


Noy Markel draws her influencer from artists such as Amy Winehouse and Tame Impala. Her song “Dazed In The Night” became in 2017 the theme song for a short film in the National Geographic for the Albert Einstein series. In 2019, she collaborated with the DNMO artist on “No Way Out” which accumulated more than 3 million streams worldwide.


The song “Someday” was written during a period when the artist was feeling lost and blocked mentally and physically. One day she thought “it’s just another someday” and so she started writing this sound, with a need for change.


In this period of confinement, this song gives hope. Indeed, we can hear in the chorus that the day when we can dance with our friends, get lost in our cities and enjoy life to the fullest will come again. Until then, hang on and don’t miss this music!


Listen to it here:




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