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Good news! After the release of their album A Invisible City, rock band Maps Of is back with a new single “Foreign Place”, released on April 24, with a video! This track is the first single of their upcoming album.


Maps Of is composed of Nick Perlman on vocals and guitar, Andy Porta on drums, Seth Nicholson on bass, Max Johl on guitar and Arianne Lombardi on percussion. They all put their voices on the sounds they create. They all have different musical styles and different experiences. This creates a unique and powerful sound, a mix of all these eclectic genres.


From the release of the single on April 24 until May 2, so for more than a week, the entire Bandcamp proceeds for “Foreign Place” were dedicated to Feeding America and The NYC Low-Income Artist / Freelancer Relief Fund.


This song is about looking in the mirror and not recognizing yourself, whether it’s your age, your relationship, or your sexual attraction. It’s about the experience that each one of us has of seeing ourselves change and evolve, along with the world in which we live. In the video, the members of the group can be seen from different angles and in different places.


Watch the video for “Foreign Place” here:




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