Nu Jazz Artist And Producer Kinzoogianna Releases New Single ‘Night Train’

Kinzoogianna released her new single “Night Train” on March 4. Popping static with electric beats and clicks and amazing live drums and bass from Rob Mullarkey (Jacob Collier) and Richard Spaven (Jose James), the tune builds and builds, soulful punchy vocals, key changes and incredible musicianship. Load of vocal hooks and harmonies, funky keys and sweeping synths.

Kinzoogianna, aka Anna Stubbs, is a multi-talented producer. As well as being an incredible songwriter, pianist and singer, she is also a label owner. With her band Brotherly, she has broken new ground in London’s growing Nu Jazz, Broken Beat and Jazztronica scene.

Supported in their music by such greats as Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Moses Boyd, Jacob Collier and Jordan Rakey, Brotherly were nominated for BBC Radio 1 Worldwide’s Session of the Year after recording for Gilles Peterson at Maida Vale Studios. In 2020, Whirlwind Recordings released a beautiful double vinyl collector’s edition of their music “Analects”, with additional guests, Donny McCaslin, Jason Rebello and Kaidi Tatham.

Gold For The Hungry Souls is the album that will marks the beginning of Kinzoogianna’s solo career as a producer, drum programmer and recording engineer, singing all the vocal parts and playing all the keyboard and percussion parts. The album blends stories of the artist’s adventurous and turbulent childhood in California and Essex with his reflection during the Covid pandemic.

For this album, which is expected for August 2022, she collaborated with Rob Mullarkey and Richard Spaven. Their virtuosity and reputation as London’s (if not the world’s!) best drum and bass team is a perfect match for the bizarre time signatures, unexpected harmonies and deeply personal subject matter of his album.

The songs were written mostly by improvising over songs she loves from artists such as Rotary Connection, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Steely Dan, McCoy Tyner, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder and Wayne Shorter. Having to record at home during the lockdown, she set about the process, using her trusty Nord, an SM7 mic, a UA 6176 preamp, Logic Pro X software, YouTube tutorial videos and lots of red wine.

Anyway, it goes without saying that this single “Night Train” makes our mouths water, announcing a forthcoming album that promises to be incredible.

Listen to “Night Train” here:


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