NY-Based French Artist SeineSation Shares ‘Birdcage‘ And ‘Dreaming State’ From New EP

SeineSation, a talented artist born in Perpignan, France, and raised in Chennai, India, has now made her home in New York City. In addition to her passion for music, she also works in the renewable energy sector.

SeineSation has recently released her new tracks “Birdcage” and “Dreaming State” from her latest EP titled Glimpse.

“Birdcage” features a captivating vocal performance by the singer, complemented by a pleasing guitar melody and subtle percussion elements. The lo-fi vocal production highlights the beauty of imperfections, creating a personal sound that connects with listeners on a deeper level.

The gifted artist has also unveiled her latest EP, Glimpse, a genre-bending, four-track project that demonstrates SeineSation’s versatility. Incorporating elements of folk, pop, rock, and indie into her soundscapes, the EP is anchored by her exceptional songwriting skills and introspective lyrics.

“Birdcage” stands out among the tracks on Glimpse, offering a poignant exploration of self-discovery and finding one’s purpose in life. SeineSation’s heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners who can relate to these personal struggles.

Regarding “Birdcage”, SeineSation explains, “Growing up, we’re told what defines ‘success’ and how to live life, but I find that it’s so subjective. We each have our own happiness that we’re chasing, and it becomes difficult to truly figure that out when you grow up within a mold of preconceived notions and restrictions. Birdcage is essentially an analogy for being freed mentally and gaining the ability to decipher who you want to be.”

As for “Dreaming State”, she says, “This is the second song in my 4 track EP ‘Glimpse’. It’s a blend of metaphors forming an impactful poem and the guitars provide the ambience for the tale overall giving listeners an immersive experience. It’s about having been beaten down to the point where you’d rather be stuck in a dreaming state“.

Immerse yourself in SeineSation’s latest releases “Birdcage” and “Dreaming State”, and experience the emotional journey she has crafted for her listeners below!


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