Nyah Grace Unveils Double Single ‘My Sister Told Me’ and ‘I Don’t Really’ | Music News


R&B Singer Nyah Grace has released a new double a-side single from her upcoming debut album Honey-Coloured. “My Sister Told Me” and “I Don’t Really” are another milestone in the career of the young artist from America.


Nyah Grace’s previous singles have been already played by radio stations and she performed live at Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality Climate Change event. Her music belongs somewhere between neo-soul, R&B and jazz. Furthermore Nyah has a great soulful voice, especially considering her young age.


“My Sister Told Me” delivers a very modern soul sound with relaxing instrumentals and vocals. Nyah’s timeless voice sticks out and delivers a feel-good summer vibe. The song was created in collaboration with Grammy Award-winner Corinne Bailey-Rae and producer Steve Chrisanthou.


Second track “I Don’t Really” flows with a different kind of energy. The song is an empowered strut of modern pop, throwback R&B and understated jazz flourishes, Nyah wrote alongside Michael Kwesi Graves. Particularly noticeable are the voicemails in the beginning. Nyah edited them from her personal phone.


Both songs complement each other perfectly and captivate with a soulful charm. Nyah’s sound hits the vibe of great artists as Alicia Keys or Lauryn Hill.


Furthermore you can hear her passion through the music. “I love writing stories. I want people to hear a combination of words and think that’s so poetic, and be moved by it”, Nyah explains. Listen to the songs below.





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