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Singer and Songwriter Mollie Minott from Sweden has released her new neo-soul track “Queen“ most recently. Her sound reminds of modern soul with early references to the 1960s soul. “Queen” is a powerful hymn to self-acceptance.


Mollie Minott ist mostly known as participant of the Swedish TV show Idol in 2014. Back then she was placed second. The year after Idol she participated in Sweden’s largest tour Diggiloo and appeared a lot in the National Television.


After the TV show she started to give her career a new direction and focused on writing and collecting new material. Mollie finally released her first single in 2017. Co-writes and new collaborations led her even as far as New York City.


During 2018 Mollie has toured all over Sweden with an initiative by the help organisation Star for life. In 2019 she released her fourth single and did a second tour through Sweden with a symphony orchestra and children’s choir.


Her new song “Queen” starts with a catchy baseline and powerful vocals. The song is about finding confidence and your inner “Queen”. “Instead of feeling the need to play a role, it is better to just let go and be yourself fully” Mollie Minnt points out.


The song finds itself somewhere between Neo-Soul and Pop Music and encourages the listeners to believe in theirselves. “Queen” is “the only one of my songs that has emerged by playing it live for many years” Mollie reports. Listen to “Queen” below.



#Peace.Love. Queen

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