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This week has been a big one for the fashion calendar and New York has had its fair share of events but none quite like this one. The NYC Fashion Institute this week housed some genuine knock offs with a difference. We’ve all heard, worn (God forbid) or seen counterfeit goods claiming to be the original but are never quite what they seem. Well, counterfeiters are becoming more savvy and are producing knock off versions of our favourite brands. Which ones? Well, here’s a few scenarios for you.


So you can imagine you’re getting ready to go out and you shout your… “Bae! I’m going to wear my new sweatshirt from Hermés, I mean Homiés (South Central)“.



or what if you’re out in town and you come across this predicament! “Girls, my feet are killing me, let me take off my Laboutin’s*! (Christian Louboutin < how it should be said and spelt!).



What this clearly proves is that high fashion which was really out of reach for the average person is now being reclaimed in a way. As creative geniuses are turning well known brands and giving them a street cred, all they need now is a postcode. The Faking It exhibition is taking place from December 2, 2014 to April 25, 2015 at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.



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