Oakland Psychedelic Rap Artist Enon Shares His New Track ‘Aura‘

Oakland-based psychedelic hip-hop and R&B artist Enon has debuted his latest track, “Aura”. Known for his dynamic performances and expressive use of hard-hitting, wave-like instrumentals, Enon paints vivid pictures through his music that set him apart and affirm his unique voice.

Gifted in the art of lyrical manipulation and charismatic swagger, Enon routinely embeds a positive message within his music, inspiring listeners to engage in self-love and self-exploration.

“Aura” is a salute to all artists and the diverse mediums they employ. Rob and Nic from the renowned collaborative group, The Canvas Group, skillfully produced and engineered the song.

The track flows seamlessly with captivating chords and a robust bass, creating an ambiance that Enon effortlessly navigates, singing lines that resonate with every listener’s inner artist.

Independent label ChillhopGuru partnered with Enon for the distribution of the song. Given their proficiency in popular genres like lo-fi hip-hop, chillhop, and jazzhop, they were the perfect choice to release this track.

What makes the partnership between Enon and ChillhopGuru truly fascinating is that Enon’s release diverges slightly from the label’s previous offerings. Through his potent lyrics and bass-heavy compositions, Enon introduces a fresh flavor to ChillhopGuru’s catalog.

In “Aura”, Enon delivers a track that strikes a balance between being smooth and laid-back, yet impactful. It’s a single that’s sure to make waves in the music industry.

Enjoy the fresh release “Aura” by Enon below!


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