Melbourne Singer-Songwriter Amalie Unveils New Single ‘Good Luck Black Cat’

Melbourne-born singer-songwriter Amalie unveils her latest single “Good Luck Black Cat“, a spirited pop anthem that celebrates individuality, resilience, and unabashed self-expression, infused with a whimsical touch of humour.

Raised in a home resonant with artistic creativity, Amalie developed an early affinity for music. Despite her family’s inclination towards visual arts, it was music that became Amalie’s primary artistic conduit, allowing her to interact with the world on a deeper, more evocative level.

Born in 2005, this Melbourne-native began her musical journey at the tender age of 12 under the tutelage of esteemed vocal coach Raimonda Loizou and simultaneously nurtured a growing fascination for piano. By the age of 14, Amalie was producing and selling portrait art to help finance her musical aspirations.

Her journey led her to Byron Bay, where she immersed herself in the town’s vibrant busking culture, honing her songwriting skills and performing live. It was in this creatively charged environment that Amalie penned the lyrics to her forthcoming single, “Good Luck Black Cat.”

Collaborating with platinum-award-winning producer Garrett Kato, a recommendation from fellow local buskers, Amalie co-produced “Good Luck Black Cat”. Currently, she’s using her artistic talents to design the cover art for the upcoming release.

Scheduled for release on May 26, “Good Luck Black Cat” promises to be another exciting addition to Amalie’s burgeoning discography. Keep abreast of the release and future endeavours by following Amalie on Twitter here.

Prepare to listen to “Good Luck Black Cat” soon!


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