Ofcom Clears ITV Of EU Referendum Bias | TV News

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Ever get the sense that the EU debate is getting a little bit silly? Ofcom has dismissed a complaint made against ITV by the Vote Leave campaign that ITV’s coverage of the EU referendum had been biased toward the Remain campaign. The Vote Leave campaign criticised ITV’s coverage had been weighed too much in favour of the Remain campaign, the finding a relief to many broadcasters in the run-up to the EU referendum next week.


Ofcom commented:


The election committee noted there was no single ‘right’ way to measure coverage. The committee did not consider that is should place any significant weight on the data provided. The complainant did not identify and specific instance in which due impartiality had not been preserved or the due weight requirements had not been observed. Ofcom has found that there is no evidence to suggest ITV has broken broadcasting rules in its coverage of the EU Referendum”.



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