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Introducing Vancouver based musician Okabe, the former lead singer and guitarist of now defunct rock band Pigeon Park. After 10 years of performing across the Canadian rock scene, touring with the likes of The Offspring, and opening for legends such as Aerosmith and Slash, the band broke up, and out of that, we know have the solo music of Okabe.


Following his break from Pigeon Park, Okabe took a soul searching sabbatical to travel around the world and rediscover himself. He soon after settled in Australia, where he began to hone his own sound, and find his voice. Fast-forward to December 2019, and he is back in Canada, and has just released his debut solo single titled “Passing Cars”.


Merging his alternative rock roots with blues, jazz, and hip hop inspirations, “Passing Cars” is the first fruit of his new musical identity and direction. According to Okabe, “Passing Cars” came together “through a string of busking sessions in Montreal’s metro system improvising lyrics while watching people through the daily hustle of everyday life“.


Nightmair Creative, who have been following Okabe since his Pigeon Park days, describe “Passing Cars” as “a groovy jam, slick and oozing with a chill, jazz vibe. I was reminded immediately of Steely Dan… it’s that polished. The mix is lush and the musicianship impeccable. The lyrics are hypnotic and ride the undulating waves of guitar arpeggios, and at times an ebb-and-flow percussion“.


Listen to the track below:




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