Oli Sykes Advocates Drugs Despite Being An Ex-Addict | Music News

Oli Sykes


If drugs cause you to contemplate suicide and send you to rehab, it’s unusual to then encourage their use, which is what Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes said in a recent interview with Metal Hammer.In 2014 at the Alternative Press Music Awards during an acceptance speech for Album Of The Year, Sykes opened up about his addiction to ketamine and thanked friends, family, and fans for being supportive.


However, he doesn’t regret taking drugs and even says, albeit hesitantly, that “everyone should do drugs at some point in their life”. He also states that “[a]fter a while it stops being awesome, and that’s the reality. But it’s a hard reality to accept”, but it’s not much of a warning. This is a touchy subject and there is no ultimate right or wrong here, but the bottom line is that people should do their own research before making such a huge and potentially life-threatening decision. It may have been a good experience for Sykes, but that doesn’t mean that every drug-user will share his sentiments.



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