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California songbird Olivia Henry is relaunching herself into the music scene in the most amazing way. With an amazing 2014 debut EP Sessions but a life changing tale of events to follow, Henry bounces back with her brand new single “In My Touch“, the first single from her forthcoming album.


Lead single “In My Touch” is a strikingly modern entry into her catalogue, yet imbued with the kind of fabulous vocal risks made popular by the forebears of jazz and soul. Raw and thumping with intensity, it’s the sort of energy, running concurrently with technical ability, that we see in an artist ready to claim her spot.


“I don’t want to be grouped in with other vocalists or current trends. I’d like to pave my own lane.” Olivia asserts. “I’d like to make people say ‘I want to sound like that!’ Like I did with Ella Fitzgerald when I was a little girl.”



Her new album Part I — Expectations is expected for February 5 and it documents her evolution from neo-jazz darling, to large scale Cinematic Pop songstress. This should be the beginning of a new beautiful chapter to only soar upwards from here.



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