Jarreau Vandal + TĀLĀ – What You Saying? | Music Video


2018 was a phenomenal year for Jarreau Vandal. The world-renowned Producer and DJ released his full length project Anthology and spent much of the year travelling and performing sold out shows; and he is taking 2019 with full force. Jarreau Vandal is back with the brand new video for the tape’s single, “What You Saying” with TĀLĀ.


Director Gerald Sagoe and Vandal are definitely increasing our summer withdrawal symptoms with this new video. In the visuals, we see that Vandal has flown out to somewhere definitely a lot warmer and with one of his local friends, they embark on a breezy road trip. They drive around the blissful sunny city before he puts on a live show bouncing off the walls with energy.


The perfect compliment to such a summery upbeat track with London vocalist TĀLĀ gracing the track, punchy with bass but shimmery with steel pans.



“What You Saying”, along with the rest of Anthology, sees Vandal’s merge club-friendly productions and radio-friendly vibes with beautifully incorporated instrumments and it is definitely worth a listen.



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