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This is how you beat the tabloids at their own game, folks. With laughs and a few burgers. It doesn’t really take much to set of a pregnancy-alarm in Hollywood, all you have to do is wear a loose dress and you’re pregnant.


Olivia Wilde unintentionally set off that alarm when she showed up at the NYC premiere of Vinyl looking stunningly beautiful in a (uh-oh) flowy Valentino gown. Star magazine latched on to this, and ran a story titled “Baby on Board?” The magazine obviously didn’t have much to go on, and cited that Wilde “covertly covered up [her bump] with a flowy Valentino frock”.


Why does wearing a loose-fitting dress always equal pregnancy? Well anyway, their unwarranted observation led to this tough question “bump or burger?” Wilde being her cool and charming self had the perfect response. “Sorry, Star mag, but you got us confused with the cooler version of us. Congrats to John and Emily! My bump is all ?”.


Wilde is, of course, referring to John Krasinski and Emily Blunt who recently announced that baby no.2 is on the way. What’s that saying? She who laughs last, laughs best.




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