Olivier Assayas To Direct ‘Wasp Network’ | Film News


Enigmatic director, Olivier Assayas, having recently found more mainstream success than he’s used to with his two Kristen Stewart vehicles, Clouds Of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper, has lined up his next project.


He will write and direct Wasp Network, an adaptation of Fernando Morais‘ book, The Last Soldiers Of The Cold War. It’s the true story of Cuban spies in America during the 90s who stumble across links to a terrorist network based in Florida. The book was published in 2015, and naturally remains timely considering the relations between the US and Cuba.


Assayas has worked with genre thrillers before, notably Demonlover and Boarding Gate, but both of those were as much genre thrillers as they were excoriations of late-stage capitalism. The beauty of Assayas’ work is that there’s always plenty going on beneath the surface, so there’s an enticing excitement hovering around what he could potentially pull off with a story like this.


Before that, however, Assayas’ next release will likely be his collaboration with Roman Polanski, titled Based On A True Story, while he’s also developing the crime film, Idol’s Eye.



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