One Character On ‘The Simpsons’ Will Die In Season 26 Premiere | TV News

One character will die in ‘Simpsons’ season premiere


It has been revealed that one character will die in the season 26 premiere of The Simpsons. The episode titled ‘Clown in the Dumps’ shows Homer in very bad condition, and will see a show regular meeting their untimely demise. However, apart from the title, no other information has been revealed about the character who will die in the episode. The episode will premiere on the 28th of September on FOX.


The cast and crew of The Simpsons recently appeared on Comi-con and showed some new footage from a Futurama crossover project. The clip shown had the opening credits of Futurama and The Simpsons meshed together. The episode titled ‘Simpsorama’ has no set broadcast date. In other news, there will also be a Family Guy and Simpsons crossover episode in September.




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