One Republic – Connection | Music Video


US band One Republic have once again surprised fans with a stunning and attention-grabbing video, this time for their latest hit “Connection“.


The title of the song is already telling more or less about the theme they wanted to deal with; the struggle between real life and technologies, virtual dimension, social media, that are actually distracting people and affecting human relations.


Directed by Joe Pront and choreographed by Matthew Peacock, the video is mostly black and white, and changes suddenly towards the end, as to present a new and more normal situation.


It has been shot in the amazing and modern Oculus Building at the Westfield World Trade Center Mall in New York – the creation of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava to replace the PATH station that was destroyed during 9/11 in 2001.


In this 800,000 square foot building, the key verse of the song finds its revelation: “If there’s so many people here, then why am I so lonely?”. One Republic’s lead vocalist Ryan Tedder drinks his coffee and looks at people but everyone goes on his own way and pretends to be on a smartphone.


“Basically the whole idea was, and a lot of what this album is about, is human connection,” OneRepublic’s frontman has commented. This clip follows another powerful one, released two months ago for the single “Start Again” together with Logic, with visuals that show an apocalyptic world.


Enjoy the new video and the song, which is a really good cut from the pop-rock band.




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