‘Orange Is The New Black’ Hits New Records For Netflix | TV News


By now, if you haven’t heard of, or watched Orange Is The New Black then where the hell have you been? Go watch it. Now. All three seasons. In a day. Go on. Now. The series has been a huge success for the streaming giant, with the release of the newest season hitting new highs for Netflix. Although these ‘new highs’ haven’t been revealed exactly – Netflix have announced that a record number of streaming hours in a day were hit thanks to the likes of Piper, Alex and Crazy Eyes.


To make matters even more impressive, Netflix tactfully added that these records were hit during the finale of Game of Thrones – meaning people are actually shifting towards online streaming a lot more these days. Netflix also stated that 90% of the users on the site have encountered original content at one point. Obviously they’re doing something right!



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