Orlando Bloom Won’t Be Returning As Legolas For Amazon ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Series | TV News


We are so sorry to announce Orlando Bloom has pretty much ruled out the possibility of playing Legolas again for the upcoming Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings series.


JRR Tolkien’s novel was already made into a film trilogy by the amazing director Peter Jackson, released between 2001 and 2003. Following Jackson’s success, Amazon has decided to invest a serious amount of money to recreate the novel again.


Orlando Bloom starred in Peter Jackson’s three-film series and then again in The Hobbit series as Fellowship of the Ring’s member Legolas. Now, the actor is returning to the screens after a while in the upcoming Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row series.


During the Television Critics Association press tour last weekend, Bloom was asked about the possibility of playing the character again for the prequel series and he quickly shut down the rumours.


The actor shared his thoughts about the new project, saying it was great, but he also added he hadn’t spoken with the streaming service about it. “I don’t know where I would fit in that world, really”, he said. “If you’re saying there’s Legolas, they’ve probably got a 19-year-old kid who’s ready to go”.


At least we will be seeing him again very soon and for a long time, as Carnival Row has been renewed for a second season even before the first one has aired!



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