Oscar And The Wolf Releases Emotional New Track ‘Somebody Without U’

After his thrilling return with “Angel Face”, Max Colombie, better known as Oscar and the Wolf, is set to drop his new pop-rock single “Somebody Without U”.

“Somebody Without U” is a touching look at love, loss, and addiction. Max delves into the chaos of being so addicted to someone that their absence breaks his identity. The song masterfully blurs the lines between addiction to a person and the spiral into substance abuse, reflecting Colombie’s panic and destructive tendencies in the wake of separation.

With its moving lyrics and rhythmic melody, “Somebody Without U” gets right to the heart of sadness and the constant fight to overcome an overwhelming bond. Colombie’s openness is clear as he wonders how to be himself without his other half.

Since his debut in 2014 with “Entity” Max Colombie has defied genre boundaries, seamlessly blending pop, R&B, EDM, and alternative elements into a unique and celebrated sound. His live performances are magnetic, combining striking visuals with raw, unfiltered emotion.

Max’s ability to explore both melancholy and euphoria has been a constant throughout his career, from the folk and dream pop of his debut album to the club-infused tracks of Infinity (2017) and the sun-soaked synth-pop of The Shimmer (2022).

Max Colombie has also been a part of the upcoming ‘Y PROJECT’ including Charli XCX, Kanye West (Ye), and more. In 2023, Oscar and the Wolf made a triumphant return with his single “Warrior” chosen as the official song for the Belgian National Team during the World Cup, delving into Max’s personal journey to confront his deepest anxieties.

Don’t miss this emotional new release from Oscar and the Wolf. Watch the video for “Somebody Without U” below and immerse yourself in Max Colombie’s unique soundscape.


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