Diesel Unveils Edgy And Sophisticated Resort 2025 Collection

Since Glenn Martens joined Diesel in October 2020, he has transformed the brand. Under his leadership, Diesel has become a contemporary favorite in the fashion world. Martens’ vision is clear in Diesel’s new Resort 2025 collection.

The collection does not feature a runway show. Instead, Diesel opts for digital lookbooks. Despite this, the collection is full of drama and style. The Resort 2025 collection includes seductive silhouettes, tailored pieces, and unique fabric fusions. The designs are effortlessly cool, showcasing slightly oversized blazers, sporty jackets, long skirts, and fuzzy knitwear. Of course, denim remains a key element.

“This collection blurs the lines,” Martens explained in a release. “Is tailoring smart or casual? Is a piece denim, or is it trompe l’oeil? With our new underwear, is it intimate or ready-to-wear?” Diesel continues to defy conventions, aiming to live on its own terms. This approach has brought the brand significant success.

The collection’s styling stands out. Diesel pairs a gray leather cargo jacket with tube socks and heels, a ribbed sweater vest with a leather skirt and pants, and a moto jacket with cotton shorts and printed tights. These combinations highlight Diesel’s talent for contemporary layering and edgy looks.

Diesel’s sales rose by 13% in 2023. Under Glenn Martens and the OTB Group, Diesel is thriving. Unlike many luxury brands, Diesel is a democratic alternative, defined by attitude rather than high prices.

This pre-spring collection continues the Martens formula. The collection includes tailored black denim, dyed and coated for a post-executive power wardrobe. The popular denim-effect underwear has been reconfigured as outerwear. Martens noted, “It’s really blurring the archetypes and the typology of items and also blurring what is underlayer or outer layer.”

Other highlights include matte metallic miniskirts with zippers, oversized denim bouclé pieces, and the Big D motif reimagined as cutout embroidery. A new version of the scrunched handbag from last season is available in patent. Additionally, there are new sneakers with reduced retail prices to make them more accessible.

Overall, the Resort 2025 collection maintains Martens’ core aesthetic. The designs are sophisticated, rent and bent to create an aura of zero shits given. Diesel’s edgy, cool, and contemporary style is evident throughout the collection. This season, Diesel continues to blur the lines and break conventions, staying true to its unique identity.


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