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Ozzy Osbourne is currently working on a new material for a “special” new album. This will be the Prince of Darkness’s first album since Scream in 2010. Epic Records president Sylvia Rhone said to Billboard “It’s going to be a really special album. It’s going to be amazing, it’s something Ozzy has never done before that he’s always wanted to do“. Osbourne released Memoirs Of A Madman, a collection of his greatest hits, which was to remind fans that he hasn’t given up on his solo career while spending a few years with his band Black Sabbath.


In an interview back in May 2011 he said of the compilation “Memoirs Of A Madman was, because I’ve been not doing my solo stuff for quite awhile now, I’ve been touring with Black Sabbath, I just wanted to let everybody know I haven’t stopped doing my solo stuff. It’s like a bridge thing… So I’m gonna do one more Black Sabbath tour, one more album with Black Sabbath, and I’m in the process, as we go along, collecting stuff that I’m writing. I’ve co-written about three songs so far for my own solo thing…It’ll take about two or three years before I release solo stuff again, so Memoirs Of The Madman is just to say to the fans that I haven’t stopped, y’know?”


We are looking forward listening to his new work.




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