‘Paper Towns’ Tops UK Box Office | Film News



For the second week in a row, a film that has flopped in the US has topped the UK box office chart – and for a second week in a row, the film has only achieved pole position through extensive preview screenings. Paper Towns has hit number one in the UK due to opening on a Monday, allowing for four days of previews to give it £2.07 million in its official opening. Strip the previews and the film has actually opened at number 6…


This means that for the second week running, Inside Out is technically the biggest film of the weekend, with a £1,379,702 haul that has brought its UK total past the £30 million milestone. Elsewhere in the chart, Sinister 2 (with £1,069,261) was the highest new entry at number 3 – whilst comedy reboot Vacation (making £608,748) and TV spin-off Bad Education (making £594,861) both flopped, entering at numbers 7 and 8 respectively.



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