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Per Collider, Paramount is developing a remake of the 1990 crime thriller, Internal Affairs.


The original film was directed by Mike Figgis and starred Andy Garcia and Richard Gere, with the former as an Internal Affairs agent who becomes obsessed with bringing down a manipulative cop who has managed to maintain a spotless reputation within the LAPD despite being involved in a web of corruption.


That film was penned by Henry Bean, and Paramount is currently seeking a writer for the remake. The original film was well received but hardly a massive hit (it made $27 million). However, it was a January release, and the only January release to finish in the top 50 that year despite playing on less than 1000 screens.


This is one of those remakes that isn’t likely coming from someone with dollar signs in their eyes. There’s plenty an Internal Affairs remake could explore considering how public perception of law enforcement has morphed and shifted time and time again since 1990. With the right creative minds in place, this could be something very interesting.


This isn’t the first time Paramount have dug deep into their library for new projects. They’ve already commissioned sequels to Top Gun and Coming To America, while a 48 Hours remake is in the works with the Safdie brothers. Some of these may have been greenlit with those aforementioned dollar sign eyes, but at least the studio is getting talented creators to help mould the films.


We’ll wait for more news regarding the Internal Affairs remake. Will any big stars be interested?



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