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From the deep depths of England’s south coast city of Portsmouth comes a newcomer with a whole heap of talent and a lot to say. Delivering honest self-reflection and social commentary, Parv follows up “Squinny“, his debut track, with “Product“.


Born and raised on the Leigh Park estate, he brings his experience of growing up as a working class kid and to the forefront. While they are his personal accounts, he still comes across as relatable. He talks about everything from girls paying attention now that his music is starting to pop, to leaving school at an early age and not necessarily living the way his mum would have wanted him to.


You can’t and shouldn’t put Parv in a box. Musically, his style stands alone as an effortless fusion of UK hip hop, grime, RnB and soul. This song bears example of this, combining pinpoint lyricism with powerful and emotive hooks and not to mention a dance-friendly hook.



Mainstream attention is inevitably on the horizon for this exciting and provocative rapper/songwriter. Whilst remaining totally independent, 2018 will see the release of several material from PARV and we definitely can’t wait.



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