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Passion Pit.


Passion Pit just released its new track, titled “Somewhere Up There“, which was uploaded yesterday with the hashtag #seaoflove on The Wishart Group‘s YouTube page. The Wishart Group is a New York company that the band’s lead singer, Michael Angelakos, is launching.


His aim is to raise funds in order to develop mental health programs to support artists and provide them with legal, educational and healthcare services. This cause is a reference to his own struggles with depression and bipolar disorder.


This song has a mysterious twist to it; it is punctuated with stops and spoken word interventions. But we won’t give away any more spoilers, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself vi the YouTube player below:



Passion Pit fans finally get to relive the band’s unique pop electronic style, as this is their second tune since their last album was uncovered in 2015. However, they had a chance to listen to those Michael Angelakos vibes for the holidays as he engaged in a Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields charity music project in December 2016.


“Somewhere Up There” follows “Inner Dialogue”, released a few days ago. Seems like the band is on a roll; who knows, we might be expecting more reveals for the upcoming weeks!



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