Pennsylvania Musician EĐĐIE Unveils New Solo Single ‘Contact’

EĐĐIE‘s latest track “Contact” strikes a chord with its raw emotion and relatable theme of post-breakup anxiety.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Eddie, known for his work with the band Nothing But A Nightmare, steps into the solo spotlight. His EP Untethered offers a taste of his dynamic vocals and rhythmic bass lines.

“Contact” is a departure from his band days, showcasing Eddie’s versatility as a solo artist. The song’s driving rock beats and haunting melodies captivate listeners from the first note.

In the words of Eddie, “I wanted to capture the feeling of wanting to cut ties with someone toxic. ‘Contact’ is about reclaiming your power.”

Transitioning smoothly between pop and rock elements, Eddie’s production ability is evident throughout the track. Each layer adds depth to the narrative, drawing listeners into the story of the song.

Eddie’s road to music success is all about hard work and learning. He already played over 150 shows across the country and opened for big names like Andy Grammar. He even got bass lessons from Nicole Row of Panic! at the Disco. Plus, he toured with Daniel Jüde as their bassist.

The artist’s also a talented songwriter and producer, creating albums like “Nostalgia” and “Kleptomania” for his band Nothing but a Nightmare. All this experience shapes his music, making it real and relatable which make us even more curious about his upcoming album release.

In the words of one listener, “Eddie’s music speaks to the soul. “Contact” is a reminder that it’s okay to walk away from toxic relationships.”

With “Contact,” Eddie proves that sometimes the most powerful statements come from simplicity. This track is sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever felt the urge to hit delete on a toxic chapter of their life.

Listen to “Contact” below!


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