Indie Pop Artist Tiger La FLor Releases New Single ‘Rope Bunny’


Tiger La Flor, the rising indie pop sensation, is about to drop a new track, “Rope Bunny,” from her upcoming debut EP see me in hell.

Inspired by the vibrant energy of Studio 54 and vintage Playboy covers, this cheeky tune takes listeners on a nostalgic journey back to the wild nights of the Lower East Side.

Drawing from influences like Prince, ABBA, and Madonna, “rope bunny” promises to deliver a sound that’s both fresh and familiar, blending elements of 70s and 80s hits with La Flor’s own unique style. With production by Izzy Perri and mixing by Daniel Brooks of The Marias, this track is set to be a standout on the indie pop scene.

La Flor, known for her mesmerizing performances and infectious hooks, has already amassed a loyal following of over 320,000 fans across social media platforms. Her past releases have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, garnering attention from tastemakers and music lovers alike.

As Plastic Magazine aptly describes, La Flor effortlessly combines the raw energy of grunge with the catchiness of pop music, creating a sound that’s all her own. With “rope bunny,” she continues to push boundaries and defy industry expectations, solidifying her place as one of the most promising artists to watch.

In the words of Green Banana, “Tiger La Flor is poised to become the ultimate bombshell on the scene,” and “rope bunny” is sure to further cement her status as a rising star in the indie pop world. So mark your calendars for May and get ready to vibe with Tiger La Flor’s latest hit.

Listen to “Rope Bunny” below!


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