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The Stephen King renaissance is in full effect. Following the success of It, Netflix releases of Gerald’s Game and 1922 have followed, and there’s been talk of Salem’s Lot and The Stand remakes.


The legendary horror writer is riding a wave of popularity even he hasn’t experienced for a long time, and there’s about to be another remake of a classic work of his.


Pet Sematary, originally released as a film in 1989 and based off King’s 1983 novel, has landed a remake, and it will be coming from Starry Eyes directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch at Paramount.


Reportedly several filmmakers tried for the job, including Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later), and most excitedly, Andy Muschetti (It), before Paramount settled on Widmyer and Kolsch.


They will direct from a script by Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train), and will remake a film that’s arguably very suited for a remake, as the original film was a little disappointing despite naturally having plenty of potential coming from King’s source material.


The original film followed a doctor named Louis Creed who moves his family to Maine. When their cat is mysteriously killed, the family are encouraged to bury it in the local pet cemetery. Of course, it returns to life, and when more tragedy strikes, Louis tangles with the same mysteriously ground in even darker ways.


Hopefully this new batch of King adaptations live up to their potential, as the quality of films based on his work has been spotty over the years. The new versions have all landed encouraging directors that can hopefully not only bring King’s purest visions to the screen, but also bring their own interesting ideas to the table. It could be a good few years to be a horror fan.



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