Peter Mensah Will Be Joining Sleepy Hollow For Third Season | TV News



Joining Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie in the third season of Sleepy Hollow will be Peter Mensah (Spartacus, Avatar, 300) who will be playing an ancient God, referred to as the Hidden One, that returns to Earth in order to carry out an evil plan. He will appear in the show from November, and will have a recurring role throughout the entire season. It seems Ichabod and Abbie will have yet another ghostly load to add onto their already quite hefty plate of supernatural burdens.


Also in the cards for Sleepy Hollow is a cross-over episode with FOX Show Bones, which will air just in time for Halloween. Hopefully in the midst of all this otherworldly drama, we’ll get some sort of romantic action between our two main leads, because I’m sure we’re all in agreement when I say that the chemistry is kind of undeniable, right? Sleepy Hollow airs on Thursdays 9pm on FOX in the US, whilst Universal channels will be showing the third season from October 22 in the UK.



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