Phil Lord And Chris Miller To Rewrite ‘The LEGO Movie Sequel’ | Film News


Phil Lord and Chris Miller are famed for two great feats; creating an unexpectedly heartfelt film out of a well loved toy in The LEGO Movie, and recently being fired from directing the still untitled Han Solo spinoff. Despite their axing from the Star Wars universe, the pair are looking to relive their former success by involving themselves in The LEGO Movie Sequel.


Due to their former commitment to the Han Solo project, Lord and Miller had taken a backseat in the creative team behind the LEGO sequel, simply producing the film. Now with a bit more extra time on their hands, the two have signed on to rewrite the script in a move that’s promising thanks to the success achieved after they penned the original.


Speaking of the direction the sequel takes, producer Chris McKay commended the pair for their profound writing and described the plot:


The man upstairs said, ‘You’ve gotta play with your sister. That’s the thing you’ve gotta promise me. I’ll let you play with my world, but now you’ve gotta let your sister come in and play with your world.’ Now, she’s coming in, and that’s the major thing that the movie is about. What’s different and similar about gender, when a boy plays vs. how a girl plays?


Sequels are something I’m often very wary of, but as a not afraid to admit it fan of The LEGO Movie, I’m glad that the writing is now in safe hands.



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