Philadelphia Musician Jake Adler Releases New Track ‘SOS’

Jake Adler has released a brand new song titled “SOS”. This is his third single and follows the metaphorical story of a one-man passenger plane that goes missing over the ocean.

The artist uses himself to express what it’s like to be trapped in an island with nothing but his thoughts and the moment of epiphany when he realises that a break from society is what he needed all along. Finding clarity in his life, the artist puts together a meaningful song with a beautiful descriptive tale that has a message for hope and courage to battle anxiety and depression.

The artist has been proving his worth over the past 3 years and he’s been proving himself in the music industry with hard-working success.

He started his career under the moniker ‘Adler XCVI with his hit singles “Tired Eyes”, “Something I Said”, and “Believe In Love”. He accumulated over 3 million streams across popular platforms and had his songs featured on many music blogs and even some features on a well-known television series.

The artist comes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has achieved all of this success at the prime age of 25. Although he had his success under the name Adler XCVI, he has rediscovered himself and his own sound, starting fresh with his given name, Jake.

He has already achieved great success with his debut single “Effortlessly” and his track “Smile” and he’s ready to share many more projects with the world.

Don’t miss out and listen to “SOS” now:


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