Ellie Harris And Sam Ellwood Collaborate On New Single ‘Wrong Tree’

British songstress Ellie Harris and West London producer Sam Ellwood are back with their new track titled “Wrong Tree”.

According to the collaborators, the song is about reclaiming control of one’s situation/lifestyle after a period of tolerance comes to an end. The song, which was written and recorded during lockdown, captures the feeling of being at the end of our rope.

Ellie is warding off any negative energy that wants to take over throughout her lyrics, enabling the audience to do the same in their own lives. The song is built using a partnership of upright bass, live piano, and sampled drums, drawing on Ellie and Sam’s Jazz roots. Ellie’s message of empowerment is reinforced by the use of saxophone, which is masterfully played by James Finegan.

The cover art for the single, designed by Troy Fielder, shows the Tree of Life, giving new meaning to the expression “barking up the wrong tree“. It invites people to consider if the life they aspire to, would be truly fulfilling; an important topic in an era when uncertainty abounds.

This song will be relatable to a vast audience of listeners, giving a soundtrack to assist people find a fresh start in the uncertain months ahead. It will be played everywhere from a Jazz bar on a Friday evening to a curb side on a Tuesday morning.

Listen to “Wrong Tree” here:


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