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A young Manchester soul based currently in London, Pip Millett introduces herself into the musical landscape and to us with the impressively smooth “Make Me Cry“.


Her official debut, having worked with Joe Hertz and Feiertag in the past, is simplistic in terms of production; handclaps drive the percussion laced with a distant guitar melody. It’s that stripping away of the fanfare which lets lyrics hold a more profound effect. Her warm and soft tone transcends the track allowing her to display her vulnerability and be so relatable. Short and sweet, it leaves us wanting more.


Speaking on the track, Pip says: “We all have times of depression and anxiety, and for me I think ‘Make Me Cry‘ was a build up of quite a lot of emotion that I’d held in for years. I never really expressed the depth of my sadness to those who I was closest to. I’ve always been someone who kept my cards close to my chest, which led me to dismiss my own feelings and keep up the front that I was fine.”


Pip is learning from the greats. She cites Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell and Erykah Badu as artistic influences and you can see elements of each within her. Poignant, profound but simply amazing, 2018 should definitely be Pip Millett’s year.




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