Pixar Releases New ‘Finding Dory’ Poster | Film News



A new poster for the upcoming Finding Dory has been released by Pixar. The poster features Dory, a pacific regal blue tang fish, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, peaking out from behind some sea anemone, included with the caption ‘Have you seen her?’.


The much anticipated movie, a sequel to the 2003 animation Finding Nemo, will include returning favourites such as Nemo’s father Marlin (Albert Brooks), Gill, an inhabitant of the tank Nemo finds himself, in Philip Sherman’s dentist office (Willem Dafoe), along with Nemo himself.


The new film will be centred around the famously forgetful fish Dory, who, after suddenly recalling childhood memories, sets out with the help of Marlin and Nemo in finding her family.


Finding Dory is set to open in theatres June 17. Take a look at the poster below!





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