Pop Punk Band Fly Right Unveil Electrifying New Single ‘Paranoia’

The up-and-coming pop-punk band Fly Right released their third single, “Paranoia” on all major download and streaming platforms. This new track promises to captivate a wide audience with its mesmerizing melodies and impactful lyrics.

Fly Right’s new single, “Paranoia” stands out with its enchanting blend of cascading guitar riffs, dreamy synths, and introspective lyrics. The song addresses themes of rumination and mental overload, offering a temporary escape from the relentless march of time. The vibe of the song at times echoes pop-punk and alt-rock legends such as MGK, Angels & Airwaves, and The Pixies, creating a soundscape that is both nostalgic and modern.

Fly Right’s frontman, Matty McNamara, is no stranger to big stages. Having played at the Warped Tour 25th anniversary reunions in Mountain View, California, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, he has also toured across the country opening for acts such as The Used, Sum 41, Four Year Strong, POD, and Nonpoint.

Matty has also performed at prestigious festivals like Aftershock, Louder Than Life, Welcome to Rockville, Shiprocked, and Afropunk. Before Fly Right, he spent over three years touring as a guitarist for Hyro the Hero.

Matty is represented by manager Scott Waldman, whose roster includes Hunter Burgan (AFI) and Matt Reilly (Avril Lavigne). Fly Right is signed to Jeremy Scott Olsen’s label, Badself, a rock and pop label.

With years of experience in the music and TV industry, Matty uses his expertise to create songs that not only sound great but also evoke intense emotions in his audience. With “Scoreboard” Fly Right’s first single, he aims to convey feelings of victory, inspiration, and euphoria.

In addition to “Paranoia” Fly Right has released two other singles: “Scoreboard” and “Photo Finish”. On Spotify, these two tracks each surpassed 5,000 streams in their first month, accumulating nearly 15,000 streams in total and reaching almost 3,000 monthly listeners.

This initial success is all the more impressive given that it was achieved without the backing of a major label, with the band’s popularity growing organically through TikTok, Instagram, Spotify playlists, Facebook ads, and word-of-mouth.

Several more singles from Fly Right are slated for release this year. Meanwhile, the band is actively pursuing write-ups, interviews, radio appearances, and sync placements while preparing to take the stage for live performances. With Matty McNamara at the helm, Fly Right is ready to reach new heights in the pop-punk music world.

Listen to “Paranoina” below!


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